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Thursday, August 14, 2014

More plethora of pigs

They are growing and getting chunky and their activity level is increasing.

I'm hoping they can wait two more days to stay out of trouble-which mainly involves squeezing their little heads into pasture fence and getting stuck-it happened once so far. We have to put up the No Climb on Saturday to ensure nobody plops into an adjoining paddock.

I think I can give a sigh of relief now. With the lambs I always wait about 5 days before getting too enthralled with anyone as things can still go wrong. And I'm happy to say the little male runt is catching up and holding his own. Next week the vet comes to...castrate. It's a quick procedure, but I'm told the first one squeals like crazy, and then every starts squealing like crazy, so my pig friend gave me lots of good advice for preparing the stall right to make things happen more smoothly. I think many people who haven't been around pigs might be intimidated at first by their language. It definitely takes time to understand your pigs. They make lots of noise at dinner time, to the point where a newcomer might be afraid of them. They talk with their noses-as you see in the second photo below. I know you really want this to be a piglet kissing her sister, but it is a piglet nibbling on her sister, telling her to move over.

Meanwhile, Doris is still waiting to piglet. I'm now assuming it might be even another 2 weeks since she must have missed the first cycle I had her with Earnest. Amazing, because she was so attentive and helpful to the poor fellow on his first sex adventure, where as Pearly wanted nothing to do with him!

In a few days, the piglets will be out of control, leaping and running! And I will be spending lot more time tendering them and holding them. Lucky me!