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Monday, August 31, 2015

Everyday we name the duck

She is the last surviving duck of The Bottomtums-the clan of six ducks that arrived some years ago to Apifera, along with their elderly goose, their matriarch of sorts who herded them like any good mother figure. One by one the ducks died or met their natural demises. We said goodbye to old Priscilla the goose last week. I do miss her, I must say. The ducks and goose came to us because their owner at the time was going through cancer, and had to leave their small farm-so my vet put us together thinking I was the perfect person to take them on, and I have cared for them loyally for all these years.

So now we have one duck. At first I felt a bit sad for her. But in the past days, I have to tell you she seems so content. I really think she has come into her own a bit in the past days. She has an entire swimming bucket to herself and waddles out there every morning for her first bath, she has many creatures who spread their grain around so she gets lots of good eating and doesn't have anyone quacking in her ear either. There are no males mounting her and grabbing her by the back of the neck-rough little lovers they are. At night, I put her in a stall for safety and she is just as content as can be, in my eyes. I've never bought into the idea that you need two of something to make them happy. I believe that if an animal of any species has other creatures, and nature, and daily routines and interactions with others-that is what makes them feel comfortable. That is my experience here.

So, I decided that being the solo duck is very special. And every day, I give her a new name, but always with the word 'duck' at the end. Today I called her Beautiful Rainy Duck to celebrate the water drops on her back-we are all relishing in the wet, and hope it continues.