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Saturday, September 02, 2017

Her Grumpiness lets the village know it's toe trimming day

I waited until the nearest neighbors pulled out in their camper for their Labor Day holiday. Then I snuck into her royal highness's stall, while she slept, where she sounded more like a lumber jack than a princess. I got one toe done before the screaming started. If you ever wondered what a prehistoric sea creature sounded like, I would expect it was something like the sound of Rosie getting her toes trimmed.

Such drama.

As she has aged, and become more arthritic, it takes less time. She doesn't have the strength to fight me so we get it done. I've tried all sorts of things to help in the past...beer-she did not like the micro brew so I gave her some cheap beer...nope. But Marcella and Earnest enjoyed a cocktail that night. Had a vet do them once to the tune of $175...yes, that's right, and we did not do that again.

So, it all got done. And I told her in hopes she would forgive me that pumpkin season is upon us. This made her stop grumping at me for seconds, until she waddled back to her favorite sleeping spot, and before I even turned around she was happily snoring like a lumber jack again.