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Sunday, September 10, 2017

Rag Tree has her first offerings

I ventured out to The Wood to see Rag Tree today, and to bring her some offerings, some from me and some from others. I got such a sense of peace being with her. What I love about her is she is very old and failing, we hope that we can revitalize her a bit with more sunlight as we harvest some of the surrounding forest for pasture. Some of her apple tree companions have fallen, but another stands nearby and is in rough shape too. I might make her a Sister Rag Tree.

We chose her for many reasons-she needed attention, respect and some acknowledgment. I praised her for the two small green apples I saw way up high, all she could muster in her condition. Someone before us had found her worthy too, a fort of branches was at her base with shells. I gave her coins to wish for prosperity for our new venture of the 501[c][[3] and jewelry to hang in her branches. I hung prayer rags for Apifera, but also one for her, and I hung two white rags for two sisters, one is riding out the hurricane in Florida and the other sister told me how worried she was.

On my way back I stopped at another old apple and gathered windfall apples-some for the pigs but we will eat some too. All over there are old apples, you just have to look for them sometimes due to how thick the woods can get here.

But what I felt more than anything, was a sense of purpose-not only for my animals and future animals we will help, but for this little piece of land, this old apple tree, and all the connections and communing we will have on these visits into The Wood. I thought how a year ago I wa still a bit lost, sad for the old land we had left and loved...I knew once I poured my heart into this land, all would be well, and exciting again. And so it is.

If you want to send offerings to Rag Tree, visit her page.