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Saturday, November 25, 2017

Maine brings me sunrise

Each place I've lived in life has offered me different ways of communing with this beautiful planet and universe. In Oregon, it was more about the physical ground, but here in mid coast Maine it is clearly about the sunrise, and sunset. Being on the coast, with the cove right across from us, I have begun to fall in love with sunrise. I guess a better way to put it is I feel like the sunrise is here for me in a way it never has been in my past-it is like I am working with the sunrise somehow. When I was little, I was up at 4am most days according to my mother. As a freelancer, I began to get up later, even 8:30. Martyn gets up at 5:30 and after my riding accident, my sleep changed, and it felt better to walk than lay down for my head so I abruptly started getting up really early. It allows me to get a walk in most days with Muddy. My father used to rise very early before sunrise and always told me it is the best time of day. I am feeling like Maine is working with me on this,

"Get up and look!"

It dawned on me one morning while in bed, seeing the first glimpse of light from the east, that I am seeing the sun rise sooner than anywhere I've lived. There it is, we are on the edge of the States, and get to see sunrise before anyone really. This just has a special feeling for me, and it dawned on me that light is here for me in a way that I must take advantage of.

Last night took these photos. The sunsets are also special here. It's like the ocean air creates something I've never seen before. All nature is beautiful, but the wind here, the light here...it is working into me. We will see how it comes out over time.


susan hemann said...

I great the day too, up round 4:00 am

Anonymous said...

That second photo, with the animals all looking at you, in the waning sunlight is especially lovely.

Katherine Dunn said...

Thank you- that photo went through the roof with likes on FB, it really resonated. I hope to FINALLY have photos for sale on Etsy soon.

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