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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Mini sized purr factory: Maxine and I bond

Maxine and I have a daily routine. As an elder and perhaps due to her hyperthyroid issue, her coat is severely matted-the shelter began taking out mats but I work on her each day and we are making headway. In fact she seems to really appreciate it. She lets me know with a little "meows" when she's had enough.

Grooming is such a good way to bond and get to know an animal. She has gained half pound this month which is a lot when you only weigh 5 pounds! I think she has such a kitten face for an elder. When I groom her I tell her how she has always been beautiful but each day she gets more beautiful.

Maxine has a very unique purr. It is kind of a combination of a purr and a squeak.

While The Magnificent Maurice Mittens was failing, I spent most of the time doting on him, as was only right. When one animal leaves the group, it never fails to change the dynamic of those remaining. Maxine was always personable, but mainly spent her time sleeping in her first months here. I think some of that might have been depression, since she had been taken to a shelter as an elder. Putting on 1/2 pound for her too might have perked her up. But I always feel like since she arrived here with Mittens, maybe she blossomed a little after he passed-not because she didn't like him, she did, but because there was a space created, and the energy of that space allowed her to take a new position.

Just yesterday, a package arrived [thank you Melanie Reed wherever you are!] of more canned cat food-with a note saying,

A special gift for Maxine.

I told Maxie about it this morning in our grooming session. In the past week, with each grooming, I feel her understanding my intentions more and more, and my loyalty, and I know that is helping her to feel like this is really home, like she is safe and she won't be sent back to the shelter.

Animals like consistency: Consistent love, shelter, water and food, and a consistent sense that they are noticed. I consistently show up each morning and groom her, and she consistently purrs. It's a win-win relationship.

{Apifera is a 501[c][3] and we have been adopting elder/special needs animals since 2004. Maxine is one of the residents of The Elder Cat Suite. If you'd like to participate in helping, visit the funding page. In time, I plan to have open days for the cat suite, and workshops there too.}

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