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Apifera Farm is a registered 501 [c][3]. #EIN# 82-2236486

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Apifera Farm is a 501[c][3]. Your donations are tax deductible to the extant allowed by the tax code. We were incorporated as a non-profit in Maine on July 20, 2017 with a letter of determination August 3, 2017. We have been helping animals since 2004 when we lived in Oregon. Contact Katherine to see our IRS Letter of Determination.

EIN # 82-2236486



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Our mission statement:

  • Provide a safe haven at Apifera Farm for elder/special needs creatures
  • This includes hospice cases when needed
  • Dedicate ourselves to bringing our animals together with elder/special needs people for mutual healing and wellness visits at our farm, but also at elder residences 

Ways to help Apifera Farm Inc.:

Donations are used for

Essentials: minimal operating expense $50,000 yearly
  • Hay [on average 12 tons], feed-amounts vary due to number of animals and weather
  • Routine veterinarian care, farrier care
  • Electricity and utilities to barns
  • Fencing, gates 
  • We are not compensated with a salary, and do all the work ourselves
  • Emergency vet calls: We usually do a special call for funds for emergencies
  • we do not charge for our therapy visits to elder homes

Major Long Term Goals:
  • Barn addition #2 and #3 addition completed in 2019
  • We built the first barn out of our own funds 2016, then raised money for barn additions
  • Addition #2 allows better loft hay storage, roomier areas for donkeys, better mud control
  • Drainage work in donkey area and fields is ongoing battle [promote healthy feet]
  • On-site therapy visit area created in gardens for elder people [complete]
  • Turn another five acres into fenced pasture [we have 30 acres, and about 8 are in pasture]
  • "Lovey Mobile" was purchased out of Katherine's own funds to be used in various therapy visits and fun animal outings [a work in progress]
Tangible Donations: {Please ask first before sending anything due to limited storage}
  • We welcome inquiries about donating things we might need: fencing, gates, lumber, fans, etc. Special needs equipment and items [i.e. winter coats, medicines, etc]
  • Bedding, fly sprays, comfort items for needy
  • Right now, canned cat food is always needed. 
  • We have set up a Wish List for cat food and more.
Animal Therapy Visits:
  • As of this date, we do not take compensation for our visits
  • Costs associated with farm therapy visits-porta potty, assistance

If you prefer to send a check make it to Apifera Farm Inc.
315 Waldoboro RD, Bremen ME 04551
You will get a receipt immediately after arrival.

Our EIN # 82-2236486

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