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Tuesday, December 05, 2023

Everyone can meet them now!

I want as many people as possible to read [and share] my stories and see my new felted creature stories/movies. Sticking them behind a paywall without a larger audience was feeling wrong and counterproductive. 

After researching with other Patreon creators on this, I was encouraged to keep all Patreon posts public, and let readers come to their own decision on supporting as a member or a paying member. This made sense to me, and felt more 'me'. So you can now join as a free member, see all posts...and you can upgrade to a paying member for as little as $2/month...if you feel like it.

So why should I be a paying member, you might ask?
1] it is a voluntary way to show support for my work. It makes me feel valued, to be honest.
2] Only paying members get free access to flipbooks and items found in the Patreon store. Paying members also get surprise pop up discounts or perks.
3] Paying members also accrue a credit at my Big Cartel online shop [expires every 12 months and starts over again]. So if you are a $10 a month member, after a month you have $10 credit at the shop, after 2 months, $20 credit, and so on.
4] Pickles keeps track of who is a paying member. I have no idea what she does with that knowledge, but you do all know she has Pickles Power on her side.

Thank you to my first, loyal members! And to everyone who joins in in any capacity!