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Sunday, November 26, 2017

My farm is uneven and I'll live with that

One thing that attracts me to this photo is the background. If you were to paint this or draw it, there is an entire painting of shapes and tones back there. I like the way it shows the unevenness of a farm, the hodgepodge of fencing and posts and sheds that have been added over time without a real master plan. A lot of creating a barnyard is like that, at least for us. You get the big picture where the barn needs to be, and initial paddocks, and then along comes a new pig or creature that forces you to add another paddock or shift some fencing.

It never ends, the fluctuation of fencing and background material. It's a wonderful way to live though, keeps one from getting bored, keeps you moving, makes you bend at the knees and get those glute muscles oiled.

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