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Thursday, February 28, 2019

The blues, and the light on the cat

It's been a long winter. Harder than the last two for some reasons. Not as much snow but the ice this year is really causing problems in the barnyard. There has hardly been a day I go to barn where it isn't an ice rink. Everyone is feeling cooped up, animal and humans alike. I yearn for warmth again. The winter is a wonderful time for me, usually, but this year has been different. I guess we lost a lot of old friends, that is part of it. But not being able to get out as much due to ice is a drag. It is hard on old Else and Tripod, as they can't move around as much and it is affecting there limbs. I am massaging them but can't wait to have them out in the sun again.

But the light comes. I look for light. What else can you do, cry in the soup?

I also want warmth for Birdie. Especially since I can't open the barn doors for her, and she is still unable to rise. I have her in straw and her body is warm...but I felt yesterday she had the blues too.

We all do I think.

Spring will come.

We look for light and greet it, like when it falls on the back of little Oscar.