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Thursday, June 24, 2021

I wish they could go home too


Watch this sweet video-This was a  heart breaker. Dagmar is the sweetest woman.

Harry and I went back to see our friends at Cove's Edge yesterday-the first time since lock downs began last spring. It was so wonderful being together again after a winter of Llama Window Walks and Facetime Fridays. We all got here, though.

This video is so special to me. My care manager there said this is always a favorite song of the elders-they want nothing more then to go 'home'. They each handle it in different styles and ways. I happened to be standing with Harry right next to Dagmar when the song began and she knew all the words.

It reminded me too of the book idea I'm working on in my head-a woman is writing a book about the animals on her farm, they talk to her, and she to them. She eventually is finishing the book but is now in a home. Her reality becomes clear each time she stops writing. The animals in the story will come and take her home. Will they? We'll see how it turns out. It is just an idea and one I had back in the old farm, but I was not ready to write it 16 years ago. It is interesting I had the thought and here I am standing next to Dagmar singing, take me home.