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Monday, June 07, 2021

New arrivals...lots of them...and i just don't know

It's getting to the point where Instagram has become my go-to announcement site. I started this blog as a journal of the first farm, and a way to share my stories and art and photography-before social media [remember those glorious days?] I still like it for a way to share longer ponderings and thoughtful pieces that might get lost in the manic highway of the internet.

But I do feel a bit frustrated as I find most of my followers now follow on Instagram and Facebook. I'm feeling like maybe I need to revamp or retred or regroup the site. I do like that I have a history here on the blog that I can easily look back on. I always felt too it was a safer place for people to converse and leave comments-but we all know most people post comments mainly on social media. I've experimented a lot and people just hate leaving their social platforms. I know one wise guy who claims he doesn't need FB any more, that people will flock to his blog no matter what, and when he made a grand announcement that his blog now could have comments [this is news?], there were none and he still needs FB whether he likes it or not [some of you know who I speak of...meow.]

So I'm not sure. I'm not sure. I feel so attached to the blog, but all things shift and change and evolve.

So anyway, that long introduction is over, I have to tell you that we brought home two elder lady goats on Friday, and two babies. I had picked out a playmate for Pickles, and she had already named that baby goat Puddles, but there was a runt on a bottle and I decided she should come home with us. And, I brought home a retired buck, now whethered who happens to be the brother of...Opie. I was not sure about that but said I'd meet him and see. I thought I might compare him too much to Opie which would be unfiar to him, and upsetting to me [I truly miss Opie almost every day especially with the therapy work]. But when I met him, I loved him, he was of course a bottle baby too, like Opie, as they lost their mother at birth. He has a post-buck strut but is very sweet and sometimes I see a bit of Opie in him.

 And then when I was picking up the goats, there appeared this beautiful mellow Maine Coon...totally chill and huge, reminded me of Mister Mosely but bigger. I swooned not once but many times. They mentioned they just happened to have kittens needing homes.  

Oh I'll just look, in case, I said.

I think you know what happened. {Kitty madness is being posted in videos on Instagram}




Terra said...

Your stories and photos here are a delight. I hope you keep this blog going, as I am too busy to add instagram and I limit my time on FB. I am on FB but loathe their censorship/banning policies, so I enjoy seeing your posts here.

Katherine Dunn/Apifera Farm said...

Thanks Terra, you have been following a long time, since back when we all had favorite blogs. I appreciate that. I limit my time on FB too, using it for the non profit mainly and deleted 4500 'friends' on my profile and rarely comment on people's posts, or do it privately. I feel like this is a respite place...thanks for stopping by

Katherine Dunn/Apifera Farm said...

{Someone emailed me this, as she had trouble posting a comment here..."I wanted to let you know how much I have loved your blog and all that you share with us out here. I am not on Facebook or Instagram but can sometimes see what you post there . Lately they have been cutting off those who are not registered. That started again today. — even on Facebook! ( what will I do without pictures of kitten love?). Mostly I want to say thank you for all you have shared throughout the years. I think I’ve been reading for at least ten years. Apifera is the highlight of my day. Thank you!! Love to you and all your lovelies!!!!!"

Katherine Dunn/Apifera Farm said...

It seems some people have trouble with the comments going though, here is another one from a long time reader: "About your recent blog post-- my comment is, I LOVE YOUR BLOG! Please don't think no one reads it, I always read it. I rarely comment on yoiur blog posts in part because in the past my comments did not go through-- I suspect a glitch with Google's blogger platform because my comments seem to get lost on other blogs as well. Instagram, well, that is something I stay away from. Ditto FB. Quadruple ditto Twitter.

Of course I realize that you cannot please everyone and there are only 24 hrs in the day.

But I wanted you to know that, as a long time regular reader, I for one follow your blog, and I think it's one of the best on the Internet."

Linda said...

I have to make comment I also love your blog and have followed for a number of years but understand as others have said it gets complicated with so many social media platforms to keep up. Your work with the animals an senior folks is amazing and wonderful. Just wanted you to know what you do an share is appreciated.

Unknown said...

delurking ;-) to say I'm still reading blogs! Not so much all the other stuff, I like stories and peeks inside others' 'worlds'. And definitely no FB (yes, I admit to being an introvert with not much desire to be constantly 'on')...

Yours is one of my favorites, for the animals, the pictures and the stories shared. So I do hope you continue to post...but I surely understand that it can become a chore.

Thanks so much!

--Jean Marie

Lin said...

I prefer the blog! To me, I like the written word accompanied by a handful of photos. It just tells the story better, I think. I don't like FB or Instagram as much....too much "noise" there. I hope you continue to blog.

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