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Sunday, December 06, 2009

Old goat napping

Old Guinnias likes to take naps standing up. I caught him in action yesterday morning. He started leaning a little and woke himself up.

Gertie and Georgie are just the sweetest old goats. They give me no trouble and are adjusting to their new home. I do think Georgie is far worse than Gertie when it comes to discomfort. I have been doing almost daily massages, and have found watery spots on both, and I work those areas gently. They seem to really like it, although Georgie is definitely tender in the hips. She basically sits most of the day and doesn't seem to be able to stand longer than a few minutes. Gertie is doing more exploring on her own, but they definitely like to be together, or in bleating difference.

You can sponsor the three old goats of Apifera at this link. You'll receive one of my Old Goat prints in return.


farmlady said...

Bless you heart! Giving messages to the old lady goats. How sweet~
What a great picture of Mr.G. Old men take naps you know. Mine does.

artistickitty said...

The last of my goats passed on this summer. I am goatless for the first time in 22 years. Such characters...miss 'em. Thanks for sharing yours. ♥

Katherine Dunn/Apifera Farm said...

Yes, old men, I have a fondness for old men [don't get the wrong idea]. If I see an old man driving with a dog in his front passenger seat, my heart swells.

So sorry you're goatless, but glad you ahd 22 years of goatness. They are truly gifted characters. I know a time will come when the Boers's Stella and Iris will be gone, and they are such strong figures here, it will be unreal without them.

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