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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Muddy Morning

My morning walk with Muddy had the Dirt Farmer tagging along. I had told him he needed to come with us today, to witness the traditions Muddy and Huck are forming on their daily ritual. And he needs to have time to look down at the farm from the highest point, so he can feel small and big at the same time. The Savannah Oaks are now are wearing their best mossy coats, and the grass is yellow and amber mixed with a tinge of green in spots. The water can be heard under your feet, as it follows its own heart downward, downward, anticipating it's reunion with the Yamhill River.


deedledumpling said...

Oh!! so love this last picture with the lavander, Mudbug, and the Dirt Farmer!!! So cute, his litle ears flapping back, and the Dirt Farmers distant gaze. They are both so cute!!!

Katherine Dunn/Apifera Farm said...

I love thaat one too- I know we'll look back on these and cherish them as we grow old too.

Bev said...

Muddy is to beautiful to be called cute. He is a noble pup.

Editor52 said...

The picture of the dirt farmer surveying his land ... doesn't it make both of you proud that in addition to all of your other contributions, you're custodians of the earth? What a humbling experience. And what a beautiful farm.

pRiyA said...

:-) :-) :-)

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