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Monday, February 01, 2010


I had this dream several nights ago, and wrote it down quickly.

I was flying over the ocean, but could clearly see the shoreline in the distance, where about 50 people were going about their business. I was far enough out, and high enough up, that the people looked like people, but were unrecognizable. I remember seeing them as tiny specks of color, and remember too I could somewhat hear their chatter. I was holding Big Tony, one of our many cats, in my arms. I had no fear. There were no ships or boats below. As we were flying, I told Big Tony that we had to go back to the ground now, and began telling myself in my head, "Go down now", and we started descending to the ocean. Tony wiggled a little, and I said, "Don't wiggle now, I don't want you to fall," and he stayed in my arms very calmly. In my head, I was very confidant I would not drop him. We were still flying, getting closer to the water and the shore. The dream ended before we reached shore, but I had no fears in the dream even though the ocean floor was fast approaching, and I'd have to make a 90 degree turn to fly to land.


Terry Busse said...

I love flying dreams. I love how talented we can all be in our dreams. Flying while holding a cat - you can add that to your many talents.
Thanks for the bit of whimsy

Anonymous said...

Flying dreams are my favorites except for the ones where I have conversations with folks no longer living. Those are the best!

I like the way you had no fear and knew you could manage a safe landing no matter what the angle. I also like how you were able to keep Tony safe in the process ... I wonder what that all means as you step out in bold new ways.

Paula S In New Mexico said...

A powerful dream.

Carolina Girl said...

Loved your dream. How beautiful. I think that says a lot about your self awareness of who you are.

Carla Sonheim said...


Love the story. Dreams are awesome. What a fun series this would be!!

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