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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Horse balances woman

It took a long time to get my balance back after leaving Minnesota and moving to Oregon. Even though the move to the farm was the dream of a child turning into a middle aged woman's reality, it was still an uprooting of many kinds- leaving the single life to marry Martyn and giving up the conveniences of the city.

When I look back at the initial era of paintings created on the farm, the woman is often balancing, or being balanced with the help of the land and creatures she has surrounded herself in. Do not take this as a sad time, it was not. I have rebalanced now, and it is when I'm away from my studio and farm I am out of balance. My women in paintings are upright again, with braids acting as wings.


turquoise cro said...

"Lavender Fields"
Minnesota Princess
Leave Your single life behind,
Come with Me, Martyn
My Katherine,Be Queen of my Oregon farm!
A Hee Haw painter lady in lavender fields,
sheep goats,mice,dogs,birdies, cats,chickens,donkeys galore and a horse too
I'm soOOOOoo GLAD YOU said yes!
My Katherine, Queen of Apifera Farm!
Listening to Neil Young sing his heart out this morning, I LOVE to write my own lyrics to their misic as I listen to them, HOPE YOU like your poem dear Queen of Apifera Farm!(Did I leave out any sweet animals?!!)hehe

turquoise cro said...

O! I forgot, I LOVE this print as all your art!!!and words!

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