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Friday, July 26, 2013

I live with Pygmy Shepherd Dogs

It's been suggested time to time - mainly by shepherd dog breeders - that I consider getting a herder. My sheep come to my ba-a-as, and I put them in different pastures each week, so we have our signals down. I rarely have trouble, except when I want them in before 5PM for some reason. This can produce bucket kicking and grumpy cuss talk from the usually calm shepherdess, but it usually works out in time...usually, unless it's really hot and then more cussing ensues.

But I also have a crew of very short statured, some slightly crippled, sheep herders. These unusual Pygmy Shepherd Dogs are handy in getting the flock in at night. Their technique is different than most dogs - rather than running behind the flock, they work them into a flowing rhythm by leaping and running in front of the flock, then prancing forward at full speed, making the sheep feel they must go that way too.


Anonymous said...

Shepard Dogs or Shepard Goats?

Katherine Dunn/Apifera Farm said...

I think you need to look at the photos and re read the post and make your own mind up, Anonymous, who ever you are....

Anonymous said...


After reading your article about the process and the emotions you must deal with through out a "harvest" of your sheep, I felt obligated to commend you for how you approach these year round events.

It makes me feel better to know that there are indeed farmers who respect the animals for who they are and can thank them physically and emktionally with the love of a care taker such as yourself.

There will always be other "anonymous" who do not eat meat nor could they comprehend the circle of life and the ever so evident food chain that nature has presented for thousands upon thkusands of years. Those people cannot accept that level of truth that presents itself in ever wildlife through out the world. They will accuse you of cruelty when in turn are providing the qui kest and most painless death for the survival of human kind, yet where are they to protest a much more violent struggle between a bear and a weaker animal of the forrest.

These situations are part of life and the fact that your heart and compassion is so evidently involved from day 1 to the day of their passing is ever so comforting.

We are intelligent animals who require food to live, and although we have the choice as an omniverous being to become herbavors; it is not easily an option for all of us. To condem the eating habbits of humans requires the condeming of every animals eating habbits. Who are you or we to step outside of nature and the food chain that currently presents itself?

Dont get me wrong though, there are many big corporations who have no respect or care for the harvesting process like you, and those should be the focal point of criticism. Not you, thank you for being a humane human.

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