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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Pig is getting naked

Every summer The Pig loses her hair, except for her top knot or mohawk. She's almost lost all her little body bristles so very soon she will be all naked and pink. Although we lather her up in sunscreen to prevent burning. I wanted to make her a mud hole but she seems uninterested in lathering in mud like many pigs.She is much to princessy for mud perhaps.

Rosie is also thrilled that The Pig Level is helping bring funds for the launch of Apifera Press. It is the most popular level for people so far. In essence they are pre-ordering a book and helping get this venture flying! There is a lot of talk in the barnyard about Submission Requirements and who will be Editorial Director. I suspect I will be previewing several novels from some of them in coming years.

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