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Thursday, July 04, 2013

Natural fireworks without noise

We live in a very rural area, as you might have surmised, but there are many people up in the hills above us. Each year on major holidays, they usually set off celebratory gunshots and fireworks. One 4th, we had our own private firework display. It was hard to know where they were setting them off, but I suppose it was a couple mile off. It's a part of rural living that many don't see. They think it's the country and people drive slower and everything is hush hush. Nope. Gun shots - to ward off birds from fruit orchards, or hunters in season, or the occasional idiot that decides to shoot a gun down a mole hole {Yes, I've witnessed it} - it's all here.

There is also what I term 'quiet noise' - hayers and tractors in the distance - machines that work the earth. There is a rhythm to the sounds of haying equipment that I like.

But noisemakers shooting sound into the air just to make noise - it makes me cringe. Are they pointing them towards our fields by mistake, are they smart enough not to be near trees or barns that can catch on fire? Who knows. You just count the animals in the morning and hope for the best. I'm sure the local volunteer fire department just loves this holiday, especially with the warm dry weather.

Having said that, I love the idea of the 4th. I love a good parade too and I had thought of arranging one but the heat wave last week just took it out of me.

The globe thistles - the Kings of the garden - are about to bloom. Every year I can't be above nature, or push it. I have to be like the barn and go about my daily chores of nurturing with my soul and when they do finally bloom, I'll stand in front of them, amazed, and declare,

"My God, you've returned to me."

And it got me thinking - aren't they perfect fireworks with their purple spikes against the sky, without noise.

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