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Sunday, April 06, 2014

The grumpy pig birthday party for two

I kept Rosie's 6th birthday party very low key to give the birthday girl complete control over her special pie I made her. It is a secret pie recipe and I won't share it with you, but the pig enjoyed it and always enjoys this recipe above anything else I give her. Only the barnyard and The Dirt Farmer know the single creamy ingredient that sets my little pig's heart beating and mouth salivating. She likes to leave remnants on her nose, to sniff and carry with her through her day, until someone comes along and licks it clean for her.

Of course, Marcella had to come. I'm actually pleased she can be around Rosie now without constant skirmishes by pig or pup. She still can't get it through her little head-yet-that Rosie isn't like Ernest, but she tries, though less and less, to play with her.

So happy birthday to the grumpiest pig I know. If it's sunny, she's grumpy; Rain-yep, pretty grumpy; Snow? Why get up out of the hay bed? But Rosie is still welcome here in all her Rosieness. I know I'm grateful that the people I know best love me even when I'm grumpy, so a little pig gets that unconditional acceptance here too.

Rosie the pig is one of the many adopted Misfits of Apifera. Read more here >

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Lis said...

Belated birthday wishes Rosie! As a grumpy-ish person, I appreciate your style and flare for living! While I have been quiet, I have been warming my soul with the stories and images of you and your fellow barnyard denizens (and your people) and am sending waves of gratitude and love westwards. Thank you all for being a bright light in a long, cold, and challenging winter. xo

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