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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Poodle goats

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There is some confusion amongst The Misfits.

"They are Poodles," said Little Moose.

"Good grief, no, they are lambs," said Wilbur the Acrobatic Goat as he flew by to get to the upper paddock, spying berries in the bramble.

"I am a goat," said Victor, calmly, quietly.

"You are all not very worldly!" snapped Sophie, definitely the sassy of the pair.

Victor is such a sweet guy. After all he has been through, he is trusting and calm. Sophie is a bit of a protector, although Victor is not a wimp by any means. They do stick together but are unfazed by the chaos of the other animals coming and going. It is wonderful to see how calm they are. They stay out of trouble–which means avoiding The Head Troll and Marcella– and seem to have found a routine of eating hay with the gang, then going out to find a shady spot. I was so pleased to see them sitting in my Monkey Hut! I will see if I can catch it in a photo.

They are still very bony and thin, which you can't see with their curls. But the eating routine of giving them a private stall to eat their food at night helps. Ernest is totally on to the set up, however, which is a challenge , so their stall has been made into a small version of Fort Knox.