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Friday, September 19, 2014

Night time

I have been wanting to spend an entire night out in the barnyard. Martyn won't accompany me, he says, but I bet if I handle it right he would. At the same time, I think this is an experience I need to do alone-or alone with a whole bunch of low riding pigs and goats walking around.

My encounter the other night with Marcella, when we went out with flashlights, and saw certain things and creatures slightly lit up by moonlight or flash, it was mysterious and magical. This same eerie but beautiful quality accompanies any trip to the barn to help sick or dying animals, or check on new life in lambing season. I have said it before, I feel like the guest when I encounter the barnyard at night, rather than the leader, the shepherdess. Not that I fear it, but the animals are so much more aware of the night, so much more confidant in their steps. Have you ever ridden a horse in the night? They can feel the Earth long before they see it.

The night to me is a separate being than day. The air is the same, the skin of the earth remains, but it is the light of the sun or moon that creates a unique personality. Each is like wearing a different coat.

I will keep you posted on my nighttime sleep away camp for one. So much going on right now, the barn project and piglets and work-so in the meantime, I will savor the night through paint.

{This piece can be purchased as an archive print for $125.50 as a special order. Contact me if interested and I'll share details.}


pencilfox said...

there's something special about the night, the darkness….
hope your camp-out-for-one fared well, for you *and* the animals.


Katherine Dunn said...

The camp out is till in my head, and heart. It will happen someday.

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