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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Old donkey comes to life

I've been working on some creatures with fabrics, wood and embellishments-in this case Old Mama Sugee donated some of her mane hair that I brushed out of her the other day. I had felted the head but then found covering it in antiqued, fading linen was pretty cool. I might add carved wood legs. We'll see. This is all moving towards doing more 3D work of creatures, including in clay and more wood-fabric ideas.

And of course it is sewn raggedy.

I see Old Matilda immediately in this creature. I think if you had met her, you would feel the same. have you met Matilda while on a visit to Apifera? If so, do you sense her here in these images?


Terra said...

What a sweet expression.

Carole Reid said...

Yes, that's Matilda for sure! You've captured her ears perfectly. I'll never forget the feel of her ears nor the snuffling of her lips against my neck. One of my fondest memories in my entire life. xo Carole

Corrine at sparkledaysstudio.com said...

Fantastic eyes, so expressive for bits of fabric. And the mismatched ears, so much personality. xox

Katherine Dunn said...

Thanks everyone. Carole, you would know havig spent a day with her. I hope to have another Healing Drawing Day next spring,summer and fall! Thanks, Corrine-it is always amazing to me too, a tiny bit of fabric, moved ever so slightly, changes that expression too!

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