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Friday, December 04, 2015

I went through two hankies when I saw this

This is the video the realtor company created, drone and all, this past week. I have to tell you, I teared up immediately-but in pride and thankfulness that we could live here and do our best in as many ways as we could-with land and animal. We helped a house back to dignity and shored up a beautiful old barn that still whispers to its charges. We added trees galore and improved the fields and marked the territory with fencing. We gave help to the river front and made a place for a small group of tiny blue butterflies to land and repopulate. We gave comfort to elders-animals and people. And we had a hell of ride doing it all.

It's time for the next owner to come forth now. Where are you, I wonder? Are you near by? Or far off hoping a property will fall in your lap? The barn will most likely call out to someone too. My only wish is that the new owner will cherish the land, barns and house and continue on where we left off, in their own unique way and style.