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Sunday, December 20, 2015

White Dog-I will revel in this mystery

A year ago, a dog mysteriously appeared in our lavender field. I found him as I was coming back from a hike with Huck and Mud, and at first, as the dog came bounding towards us, I thought,

How did Marcella get out this time?

But it looked a bit...different...wait a minute, you are an intact male Maremma, not Marcella.

Maremmas are not a common breed around here, and if you have a good one, you know how valuable they are-both in terms of cost you paid for a pup and their ability to protect your animals. The coincidence that White Dog showed up on our property, a property that already had a Maremma, was not only mysterious, it became quite magical for me, and my followers. At times, I thought my imagination and shear optimism had created that magic. But as months went by, I knew there was a true connection I shared with him, even before he arrived.

We have all fallen in love with White Dog, who we named Benedetto once we were sure he was staying. I certainly did not need another dog, nor did Marcella. We have imagined many different scenarios about how he got to us...and I still go back and forth about how he made it here. I started to write a book about White Dog this past summer, and was having a good time with it. But once we decided to move to Maine, the story I was working on seemed to lose the right meaning for me.

More than ever, I realize that White Dog has come to Apifera not only for a reason, but the reason has to do with me. I suppose that might sound egotistical, but the more I am with him, the more that goes on around him and me, the more I look into his eyes and feel his story is entangled in mine...somehow.

So, I need to start exploring it. Will it be a book someday? Maybe. A children's book? Perhaps...or a book I won't put a genre on because when I do I always goof it all up and get discombobulated.

I'm going to draw, search and explore, without worry, and will post on the White Dog page here on the blog. I need to do this too for my own grounding. With the property on the market, it is so easy to float away- float away to daydream what our new farm will look like, where it will be -exactly- and when will my magical buyers show up, especially after I wrote them a letter and released it to the universe. I need to focus while I am here and my intention is to do just that with drawing and art.

We shall see. We must revel in the unknown for now.

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