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Tuesday, December 01, 2015

My new article in Mabel Magazine

Hot off the presses, the new issue of Mabel Magazine Issue 4 in which I have a 4 page article with photos [including a beautiful image of me and Birdie that my friend Lisa Hofmann took and let me use-thank you Lisa, this is one of my favorite photos to date. Please visit her soulful blog too.].

What's interesting is I wrote this back in the summer I think. Maine was percolating but I had kept stuffing it back inside a box, as the thought of moving was too big, too scary, too all encompassing with too many ramifications I wasn't ready to acknowledge or accept. The article is about not being afraid to adapt and change as an artist and business person-and how I evolved from calling myself an illustrator back in Minneapolis, to an artist-book maker-shepherdess-story teller in today's world.

The last paragraphs are telling, and worth sharing again:

While I was an illustrator in my beginning career, I was happy and that life 
seemed to fit me like a glove–but Apifera is my skin.

And the shifts continue. I know that the growth I went through in my past will help me be less fearful of the shifts that will inevitably happen as I age and evolve. I plan to be here working with my elder creatures, art, writing and farm as long as I am physically and emotionally able. But when I feel a shift, I will ask: What's next?

And I'll make up my own mind.