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Monday, August 22, 2016

Three legged boy wonder, we love you

Sir Tripod Goat is pretty much a loner. I don't know if this is because with his condition–which he was born with, making him only able to use three legs–if he was bullied as a kid and so he just wants to stay out of harm's way. When he first came to Apifera back in Oregon, I could hardly get a chin scratch in, but in time, he softened. I watched him for many weeks and at some point decided to bring him to the upper barn where where he could live in the hay area and have ample quiet. This allowed he and I to have quiet interactions many times day, without the interference of Head Trolls or wandering acrobatic goats...or pigs.

Since arriving in Maine, Tripod has lived in one area with Eleanor and her piglets as well as Birdie the llama. Scooby came and went, depending on his mood as did Raggedy Man and Sophie.

As we develop the pastures and paddock areas more, I am reshuffling animals so they can be out in larger areas, and this weekend I helped Tripod out to be in one of them. The little fellow can really zoom around on three legs, but he does tire so spends most of his time in repose, or lying down and eating grass.

I caught him with the deep Maine sky overhead, as if the Gods themselves sent out their cloud apprentices to look after him while I continued with chores.

I don't know how long I have with any of these creatures, so moments like these are soul reverberating.

Carry on Sir Tripod, three legged wonder boy of Apifera, we love you.