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Monday, August 01, 2016

Waking up to sheep

This morning I awoke. It's Monday, not that that really means anything to me right now, Monday is Tuesday is Wednesday and on and on. But then I remembered....

I have sheep.

Their names have not presented themselves...yet. The pip squeak once bottle baby [seen above] is doing fine. When she was born and was to weak to nurse on her mom, she was quite wobbly and weak and as she lay around her face smooched into the ground. Her left eye is slightly damaged from that, she holds it slightly closed. I don't think she is blind in that eye, but I am thinking it will last into her adult years. I hope she can catch up and thrive. The former owners did a good job bringing her up to speed-bottle babies are very hard work and it doesn't always end well. She really wins your heart.

There have been many introductions for the flock. They have shared fence line with the donkeys and other Misfits. The have not met the White Dogs yet and once the field is properly fenced we will introduce them all. Marcella was still a bit of a chaser at the old farm but was not with the flock full time. I need to change that here. I hope now that she is going on three we will see maturity in her behavior.

In the meantime, the sheep are here. It's a good thing.