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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Conversation of chickens: The Secret Sisters big surprise

"Did it come out yet?" asked one of the hens, in a whisper, to her fellow Secret Sister.

"Thankfully," answered the smaller of the hens.

"What the hell was it?" asked another of the ladies.

"I have no idea, but it felt like a large rock."

The five hens and Francis the rooster all gathered around what had just come out of one of the Sister's bottoms.

"It's very firm and strong looking," said Francis. "Shall we do anything special at this point?" he asked.


"I am not sure," said a hen, and with that The Secret Sisters stood silently, waiting for some kind of motivation to move from the oval shape.

"Shouldn't we hide it?" asked one of the hens.

And before an answer could come to one of them, footsteps were heard coming to the barn.

"She's coming, look casual!" said Francis, as they all stood around and pecked here and there at dust balls falling from the spider webs.

As the woman did chores, the chickens proceed to fall into their routine-scatter from their hut to forage in the pig paddock for fallen grain bits.

Within minutes they heard expressions of contentment from the woman.

"She's found it," said the laying hen.

"She seems to be happy with it," Francis said and they heard the woman walking away.

"Do my pantaloons look okay?" asked the laying hen, bending over for inspection.

"Perfectly fine," said another Sister.