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Friday, April 14, 2017

In which I'm reborn all happy and there's news

Life is funny. One minute you are pontificating and sharing little inside feelings of the blues, a couple days go by and things seem much more buoyant-like a little puffy white cloud has lifted the body up high in the sky and said,

"Look at this bigger perspective, see how much better it is."

And as a friend just said in the last post's comment section,

Don't be saddish, have a raddish [let's all thank Carole's father for this gem, oh the wisdom of our dads.]

Anyway, it is Easter after all, a time of renewal...and lemon pies. And then there are all the Misfits wandering around in rabbit ears. I was pretty impressed they found them-after all The Head Troll was always in charge of that stuff-but I guess Paco has taken his new reign as not only the resident poet, but Easter Activity Director, to heart. Oh Paco, we love you.

I am also here to share that I spoke with the state veterinarian who I really liked a lot, and Apifera is now an option for them when they come across animals that need to be taken out of needy or neglectful situations. I really feel good about this, and it gives my animal work a focus here. So I have started a fundraising campaign so we can add an additional shelter where we can quarantine an incoming animal to make sure it is safe to let them roam with the other Misfits [or not]. I am also raising money for the feed costs for 2017 for The [current] Misfits. It is all laid out for you at the funding page-and of course there are reward levels.

I am happy to take personal checks too [and give a suitable reward if so desired].

So let's all have a raddish, and smile, despite any woes we might have.

I was just handed some bunny ears, so I must be off. Hip hop.

Visit the funding page >


Sharon Stanley said...

Atta girl...rabbit ears make everyday a happy day! Love this pic.

Katherine Dunn/Apifera Farm said...

and it's your birthday!! That probably had something to do with it too

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