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Thursday, April 06, 2017

Little Sylvia Pettini's first sheering

Litle Sylvia Pettini's first sheering day

I am so excited to get back to my fleeces and work with them! We sheered the six sheep, and Sophia, and did a quick skirting [that is where you pull off debris, poo, and as much matter as you can] and then we roll the fleece in sheets until we are ready to work with them again. My fleeces were a tish damp even though I had the girls in for 1.5 days, but my barn floor is bedded with damp matter....but all is well. I have the fleeces laying out in the upper loft to get some drying time.

My biggest delight and relief is they really weren't that full of chafe as I feared they would be since I didn't have coats on. After partaking in another sheering where the shepherd had coats on her sheep, I was concerned, but it was fine.

I was also pleased the girls weren't overly thin, since this was my first shepherd experience in a cold climate. With hair sheep like my flock in Oregon, I could always see their bodies, but the woolies can be hard to tell even with rib checks. I have one ewe lamb I am not happy with weight wise, but that will change and be fine.

Right now, they are as soft as bunnies! I kept them into today since it is a heavy rain tonight. I coated the elder Sophia, and this weekend everyone gets their spring check-up, worming, and toe trims and deicing if needed.

It lifted my spirits today to have some other shepherds come and help with he harvest-and then we came in the warm house and had a potluck with Martyn's chili, a friend's home made chèvre, and another's pudding.

I feel good.

I am so proud of my little flock.

{I will be selling our fiber on Etsy...hope to get on this very soon}

I left Assumpta's ringlets for now, will clip and sell

Assumpta's beautiful fleece