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Monday, March 23, 2020

All I can give you is running ponies

I am as drained as anyone reading this as we all face such uncertain times. It's is a strange, unsettling time. Lots of fear out there causing lots of unhealthy behaviors–like hoarding food.

Every day I think, what can I write today that might offer some comfort?

And then I just think, show them the running ponies.

I have not come up with any words and my well is dry right now. I did just birth the White Dog book [should be arriving in April] and there is always a tiredness after the book goes to the printer-a good tired. I am lucky to live on the farm around Nature and so many different creatures. I worked a lot with my animals this weekend, including the ponies and llamas. I think the best I can do right now is just share them, through video and photos...perhaps it will help someone smiles and feel less isolated or scared or worried.

Martyn and I are okay, and again we are lucky to have jobs that allow us to be outside. Life is pretty much like it always is, except for the overall seriousness of the situation, and the madness at the grocery store. And I can't get into the elder home to do my animal visits with Bear and Opie, that is very upsetting. I hope to do more LLama Window Walks with Harry.

I am on my way into my studio. Perhaps something will come out and I can share it with you later.

Bur for now, all I can give is running ponies.