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Monday, May 18, 2020

It's Harry again, I can't help myself

We started our outing at Lincoln Home to see our elder friends
I can't get enough of Harry. We went to Lincoln Home elder residence which sits right across the bay from the village of Damariscotta, our go-to town. I had been wanting to do an impromptu walk with Harry through the village, for training but also for fun. And oh it was fun! Every shop or business owner came running out to take photos, cars pulled over, it was so fun, and so joyful for all of us. It was sort of like our own private parade. I think I will do it again.

I am trying to work in studio, and I am, sort of, in mini spurts, but am finding the warm weather, garden, Harry and all of the glories of spring are keeping me out of focus with art. i always have to stop and remember how creative my life with the animals is, as I'm always thinking and recreating things, and the garden too is like a giant painting to birth. I'm actually doing soem needle work. I just sort of feel a shift coming one, it is both unsettling and a glorious mystery...or maybe just a phase.

Octavia was pretty excited, she forgot to put her mask on, but that is ok

Harry made it on Eider's page. He's a star now.

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