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Tuesday, May 05, 2020

Styes, oh why, I know why

In the past couple years, ever since my riding accident I seem to develop styes in my right eye. Sometimes they are worse than others, sometimes months go by without one, sometimes they are not very bothersome, sometimes they are. I'm convinced they began after I went to this eye doctor near by, I will not name the person, and I mentioned I had some floaters. She began to do this 'procedure' on me, without even telling me what it was all about, but it was like she was putting spoons up under my eyelids. It was painful and uncomfortable, and at one point I thought I have to get out of here.

{When I got home I researched what she had done 'scleral depression' and it simply was not needed with my eye history or 'symtoms' I came in with. I think she just wanted to try it out.}

But it got worse, when, she poked me in the eye with this blunt but pointy object! The she proceeded to tell me she would look at that eye again to make sure she 'hadn't damaged it". She proceeded to tell me I had a tear in my retina-something I'm well versed on the seriousness of-and that she could do surgery right then and there. I said, "No, I need a second opinion."

What I should have said was,

You just poked me in the eye and you want to do surgery on me?

I proceeded to get the heck out of there, and went down to Portland to a reputable long time eye care clinic. There was no retinal tear or issue. Without mentioning the doctor, I asked them about the draconian procedure I'd been put through, and wondered if there was any need for it with my floats and eye history-there wasn't. And these guys are specialists.

Ever since her draconian procedure, I have had issues. I thought of writing a letter of complaint. I've never sued anybody but I thought what she did was not only unnecessary, it was botched. And at least she should have explained what the heck she was going to do. Nor did I write a public review online anywhere, the latter is not something I think is always fair or good. She tried calling me twice, and I never answered her calls. But she never billed me. Wise move.

For almost a year it was like my eyeballs would ache. To this day, I can 'feel' my eyeballs at times but the aching is pretty much gone or only comes intermittently when I rub them. It might be unrelated, but I continue to believe her poor experience -she was only in practice for two years- was the reason.

And, soon after, I began to get styes which of course is a virus but I 've always wondered about the utensils, and the poke in the eye if that was part of it. I've noticed her name is no longer on the door of that eye clinic but I haven't looked to see if she was still somewhere practicing.

So I was talking to Martyn last night about it, and he said that stye rhymes with eye, die, tie, and why. We both thought of Paco the Poet. But I decided not to tell him to write a poem about it, because he is so sensitive.