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Sunday, May 31, 2020

What would you notice...if you couldn't move

I was sitting one night listening to music, looking out the window into the front garden. It is where I usually sit on cooler nights, or in winter, near the fire. I can move my position to see something that intrigues me, a bird maybe, a new flower blooming or the animals in the outer field.

I can't remember what song I was listening to, or who the singer was, but it put me in a certain frame of mind, and I took this photo. I remember thinking that if I was bedridden and could not move, but I had a window, would I notice things with the same wonderment as when I am free to move around?

The reflection of the spring trees were in the window pane as the sun was setting on them, it was really vibrant.

But if I was incapacitated, unfree to move or even ask for someone to help me, would I see this sight and be grateful, and enjoy it, even for minutes, or would that be the complete end of any joy?

Do we reach a point in our life where silence and sleep are more appealing, or a long adventure to who knows where seems more understandable and the right thing to go towards?

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Patty said...

This is why we visit those who can't get
out and bring all that we can hold with us.
And this is why I'm so inspired by your

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