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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Goats for Peace

I am starting what I hope will soon become a small movement across the states, if not world.It is the Goats for Peace movement. And everyone can help by going to the link and buying buttons and shirts or whatever you want and proudly displaying them, and spreading the word of peace.

Here on the farm, when a new animal is brought into the fold, a whole new hierarchy must be established. Different breeds, different sizes and colors and smells and sounds - they all somehow get worked out in a couple days to create a diverse but peaceable kingdom we call Apifera Farm. It is inspiring. The goats more than any others here seem to understand and promote a philosophy of peace. They start the day greeting 21 barn cats with gentle nose sniffs, they live side by side with 1500# horses, tolerate the nagging of new puppies and even find a way to play with a ram twice their size who has one thing in mind. They do all of this with humor, and playfullness.

I see peace signs re-emerging and more people speaking up again after the last 4 years of fear by a government that wanted us to believe anything just because they said it was true. Some people might think my Goats for Peace movement is a joke, taking a complex issue of world peace and simplifying it. They laughed at John Lennon's bed peace project too, and it was a simple idea. That was part of the point. It is simple. Peace in itself is simple. Goats get that. Why not learn from them. If someone wants to scoff at us, we can take it.

I want people to start sending me pictures of where they are wearing their Goats for Peace buttons and shirts, or where they see them. It's a wave, and we can start it. From a small farm in Oregon, we can send a peaceful message around the world. I'm writing the President, and the congress, some rock stars - I've got the energy. You'll see. It'll grow.

Every morning, when I go the barn, I greet everyone and they all greet me. I use to say to the goats "Good morning, ladies"; now I say "Good morning, Peacekeepers". Such gentle beasts. If only some of our leaders had goats, or were goats.


Anonymous said...

That's an awesome way to look at it, actually. I don't think the idea is silly at all.


Summer Pierre said...

I am SO EXCITED you have a blog! You rule and it is so wonderful that you are sharing your vision with the world through words!

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