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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Moon protects fawn,horse and woman

While doing my evening barn chores, I was very pleased to realize that when my horse, Sky, stands at her stall door and looks out at the right time, she sees the moon. This gave me pause. We both stood just for seconds totally still, together, woman and horse, looking at that moon. It was just a perfect time.

I really feel the moon is so powerful and symbolic on so many levels. It can guide oceans, it lites pathways for travellers and animals. On our farm, with a full moon, I can practically get all the way to the barn without a lite. It protects me that way, and the animals. It's a companion. It's a circle, an ever magnificant circle, never ending and always starting over again. It has crevices and valleys and scars from meteors. it is always there. It has seen so much more than any of us yet never stops showing up for it's partner earth. The sky sits behind it and sun bows out for it's nitely show. Stars gather around it. It is a part of many of my paintings,and holds the higher power in it for me, and all that that means.

I saw a young fawn tonite. They often appear as I am leaving the barn, often standing with the doe just yards away. As much as I cringe when they eat the fruit trees, their beauty and grace is hard not to be frozen by. I don't have to tell them they have safe haven here on Apifera Farm - two hunting seasons and they've sensed it. But the little face with big eyes in the moonlite tonight, I felt remorse - will he suffer soon. He has the moon, and woods, and the sheep barn too, for safety and comfort.


Farmgirl Susan said...

How very appropriate that I should land here for the first time on this moon post. I am a "moon child" and LOVE the moon. I even garden by it. A friend just emailed me your blog address; thought I'd like it. I do so far! I, too, raise sheep. And I wish I could keep my lavender alive. Looking forward to reading more of your posts, but as you well know, farm work is never done. . . : )

Patry Francis said...

Just wandered here somehow (guided by the moon perhaps?) to find your wonderful post, and wonderful sketch. Both so very graceful. I will return.

ESB said...

gorgeous drawing...beautiful post.

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