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Monday, December 19, 2005

Internal distractions lead to this

I labored all day over a 16" board working on a painting I had started weeks ago for one of the galleries. I ended up covering it over, for the third time, and finally resigned myself to the fact I am distracted internally lately, and need to stop and 'refill the well" so to speak. I am usually very prolific, and like to always be producing new things, as it somehow generates energy in the business as well as my life, and art. But sometimes, you just hit a wall, or you need to stop and switch mediums or something. I've been spending much of the month creating the online store, and other web things, that can really drain one's heart...I ended up sitting at the end of the day and doing this. Lately, I've just been really into these conte crayon sketches, in deep browns and umbers with only subtle color, and I want to do a whole series of all the animals on our farm. Huck has such a beautiful head, I don't think I did it justice, but I am pleased with this piece. I will make these into prints someday.

It is raining over the snow. To use a Minnesota term, ish.


penelope said...

I have a hard time remembering to stop painting if I'm feeling burnt out. It's like a compulsion to be prolific. It's really draining sometimes. I admire your ability (learned I assume) to listen to what your insides know you need. I wish I would grow that trait.

Sally Jane said...

I couldn't work out how to link it- so I just copied and pasted from Ben Lee's blog.

I especially love the bit regarding the recipe analogy-
That the downtime is just as much an act of love-a gift from the universe, as the flowing bits are.

Trick is, to just say- thankyou, and sit quietly with it, when it comes, to hear what delights it has to offer..

I love your art and am really enjoying your blog.
Thanks for sharing pieces of your world.

Friday, December 16, 2005

greetings from india.

amma's first words to me:

"ben has been getting many gifts lately."

i must have looked confused. she clarified:


oh. i nodded.

interesting. GIFTS. everything the true guru of your heart says has meaning.

spending alot of time sitting in puja. watching simple actions done with complete intention take place. the divine manipulating the divine - that is what an action is.

i often feel like im a cake that is getting baked by the universe. this particular cake has never been baked before, so it has its own unique recipe and instructions.

everytime i look at someone else's recipe the universe reminds me "thats not how YOURE getting cooked!"

when a pinch of salt or sugar is added, its easy to feel the love, to feel that the universe is taking care of us. but what about when the instructions say "allow it so stand for 15-20 minutes"? dont we often feel neglected during these times?

its funny really. because the time for the cake mix to stand and settle is just as much an act of love as the ingredients being added! its just as important.

"ben has been getting many gifts lately."

so whats a gift? the awards? the parts that feel good? the ingredients being added to this particular recipe? yep. but also the challenges, the difficulties, and the struggles. they are making me who i am.

i feel gratitude for no other reason than the universe obviously thinks im a dish worth cooking up.

the rest is just details.


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