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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Little Orange did a big boy thing

I have to add this for my own sake. Little Orange, the runt of one of the recent cat litters, made it into the 'Big Barn"
as we call it. He and his litter mates are about 3 months old and have been living on the front porch since about 3 weeks old where they sleep and eat. They are domesticated, and two [including Little Fig, a real beauty of a calico who I hated to see go, but when you have 20 cats...she lives with the mail woman now and is well cared for] found other homes. Little Orange was special from the get go. He reminds me of a Poindexter, the little nerd that other kids would have made fun of, if he were a boy I am sure he would have thick glasses and freckles and look something like Simon Birch. He is still 1/2 the size of even the female. Anway, the other kittens have taken to following me to the big barn where the adult cats all live and eat, along with the horses and goats. But Little Orange would just stay behind, always waiting on the deck with a hurt look, and always running to greet me when I got back, as then it was his dinner. This has gone on for weeks, and about every three days, he ventured a little closer to the barn. Tonite, I looked down while feeding, and who was sneaking in, and he had this expression of "I can wear big boy pants now!" He only lasted about 1 minute, stimulation overload, but he did it. These are the simple moments I relish.

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Summer Pierre said...

Am I the only one who thinks that Little Orange is of the he's-so-cute-it-kills-you variety? OMG! I had to look away--it was hurting!

Thank you for all your AMAZING comments. I've been re-reading them and thinking, maybe maybe maybe... Who's Little Sue? Someone I think you'd like a lot is Jolie Holland.


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