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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Keep on

As my old homeland of Minneapolis suffers through shock, as two of my close woman friends endure cancer treatments, as bad things just keep happening to nice people - how is a sensing person suppose to respond? By going on with the work that brings inner joy and meaning. Otherwise, it is really an affront to those that are suffering, or dead, for they would give anything to go on with the work they loved, if they had a second chance. Talking with my friend today who has just fought back a health scare, and listening to ongoing news of the bridge disaster, it is impossible not be shocked into both the joy of life, but also the blatant fact that it ends, sometimes abruptly, sometimes alone, and scared. I am turning fifty in March, and I must say, my perspective on life of late has been even more sentimental than it has been in the past. The internal receptors that have been highly sensitive since I can remember, causing me to be a ma gnat for animals, wounded birds and the elderly, have also been sensing great comings of positivity for my immediate world. It won't be without life's boomerangs, but I am meant to write these little stories now, and paint the pictures that go with them in my head, and so that is how I spent the day, drawing a little donkey collecting blackberries in a red bucket so he can bake a pie.

I have never felt more positive that I am being asked to focus on this children's book and see it through.


farmgirl said...

I think this just might be my very favorite painting of yours to date. I love everything about it--especially, of course, that he is picking the berries to make a pie. The red bucket is just perfect.

anna pieka valentine said...

What a wonderful drawing! It reminds me of one of my favorite childen's books, Sylvester and the Magic Pebble.

Abby Creek Art said...

You and I are very sympatico right now, Katherine. I am turning 50 next March as well...and one of my closest friends is battling stage 4 cancer. Some days are harder than others in trying to figure it all out.

Your paintings and stories and pie definitely send light and love out to people who need it though. That's pretty special.

Anonymous said...

I, too, have many ties to Minneapolis, and I, too, have friends and family members dealing with cancer. I struggle a lot with the issue of bad things happening to good people, but I truly believe the best way we can deal with life is to turn our faces to the light and put as much time and energy as we can into making good in the world. Those can be grand gestures, or small things in our small worlds. Having lived in Minneapolis, my heart broke the night that bridge collapsed, but after finding that my friends were all save, I knew Minnesotans would rise to the occasion. Minnesota has the highest rate of volunteerism in the country. The city would bounce back as Minnesotans from all over asked one simple question: "How can I help." And that's exactly what's happening.

As for turning 50, I did so in June. This year, I dedicated myself to doing "50 good things." that works out to about one good deed a week. I've had so much fun dreaming up schemes, ranging from the grand gesture of raising thousands of dollars and doing the Race for the Cure in June, or putting up several birdbaths in my yard for the dusty, thirsty birds. It's amazing how the simple gestures make you feel so good, so a part of the world ... much the same feeling, I'm sure, that Katherine gets from her paintings and her animals.

To paraphrase Winston Churchill ... You make a living from what you get; you make a life from what you give.

Lynne Luna said...

I just love living vicariously through your farm adventures and listening to your positive attitude. I work in an office and when I log onto your blog I feel taken away to your farm. Thanks so much for sharing your drawings and your life.

Mary Richmond said...

love your drawing--just found your blog and i'll be back!

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