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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Encounter with a lady

The face I love, over and over, even if it is laced in the spicy scent of Mademoiselle Le Pew.

Mademoiselle Le Pew comes each night, when dark, to finish off the fine quality barn cat food that sits in a bowl for the front porch Apifera Cats. Mademoiselle is known to venture to the big barn to graze on other fine edibles of the other Apifera barn cats, but seems to prefer the front porch. Rather than being inside, Martyn and I tend to sit outside on the porch, enjoying the cool summer nites, and of course, where we go, so goes our noble dog Huck, and the one eyed pug, Billy. We have trained Huck to wag his tail from afar at Mademoiselle, but not run towards her, as we have explained to him that one must never startle Mademoiselle. "But she is so cute and quite attractive at nite with her glaring white stripe," Huck says with his eyes....Well, last nite he took matters into his own feet, and introduced himself much too quickly to dear Mademoiselle. One can not blame the lady for being startled.

All I can remember is seeing Mademoiselle walking rapidly up the porch where we sat, as she has no fear of us, and Huck in close proximity, and Big Tony right behind them. As Mademoiselle fled to her private room nestled in the Quince bush, dear Huck began to lick himself all over in alarm, "My God, what has happened to my usual doggy odor??" At this point the one eyed pug sensed something was amiss, and came up from under the quilt as he sat on my lap. Giving a skunked 90# lab a bath of vinegar and dish soap at 10 post meridian after one has had their evening wine is a sobering affair.

In the background, Big Tony sat watching the entire bathing process, as if saying, "Huck, I told you -Always approach her with quite dignity, like a cat would....".


rich said...

I can't imagine our dogs showing as much restraint as Huck did up to this point. Nor, for that matter, can I imagine such a fair lady walking up our porch when we're on it.

I guess there are downsides to being such an animal lover, huh? :)

Anonymous said...

In my case it was an 85-pound, heavy-haired German shepherd dog, who only got skunked in my parents' suburban Chicago backyard when I was in town. And you're right ... a late night bath (in our case, with tomato juice in the dog's Smurf swimming pool on the driveway) was always a great late-night show for the neighbors. I also never quite figured out why my dad was responsible for watching the dog when she got skunked, yet I'm the one who had to don a bathing suit and apply the tomato juice!

Pam Aries said...

PEW!!!! having grown up in the hills of W.Va...I know what ya mean! THose critters Stink to highg Heaven!

Alisa said...

Great story. I must say that Huck did pretty well up to that point, Dashell our golden would have been sprayed so fast. Makes me want to live in the country...having chickens, dogs being able to run around, sitting on the porch and having peace & quiet - it will happen.

kate said...

Poor Huck - he got more than he bargained for! Lytton, my brown lab, would have charged eagerly over for a chance to visit - I hope Huck is smelling better and has learned something about little critters with white stripes.

shepherdgirl said...

It's been amusing getting emails and comments about skunk stories. Huck is still a tad stinky mainly on his front legs, but he is feeling much less humiliated. I must say, I just love the regalness of the names 'Lytton' and "Dashell"!

Woody said...

A friend gave me his tried and true recipe of hydrogen peroxide, dawn dis soap and baking soda for my dogs first skunking. It works great on dogs, clothes and even drywall. Yes, drywall..my dog shook his last skunk to death IN the garage. I can still see the musk marks on the wall.

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