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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I considered keeping her for myself...

More Post Pie Day Picture Plethora....

Introducing, Collette, aka Coco. She speaks in English babble, head and hand gestures, smiles, and a dash of french. We were so happy to meet Mlle. Coco, the first born of a Kailla, friend and colleague of Martyn's [who also made this wonderful apron for Pie Day].

Another neat story - Kailla brought her father, her step mom, and her sister. Martyn and I actually stayed in her father's wonderful Bend home for a weekend after we were first married, so it was fun to meet him. And her step mom knocked me off my feet when she said, "And I am one of your father's biggest fans." I had no idea, but she knew my father from the Craft Gallery in Portland where my father volunteered before he became ill. She said nice things about him, we chatted about him for a time. I thought that was really cool, that it was father's day and all, and out of the blue, this giant message appeared from the universe, via a living soul...

Now, back to Coco. Unbeknownst to Kai, I contemplated taking little Coco and putting her in a stall, or the chicken coop, out of site. Then I could just keep her a little while. But, I remembered taking a neighbor's bike when I was five, and hiding it, and even though I had the bike, I couldn't take it anywhere....so, I stopped myself. Besides, Kailla is meant to be Coco's teacher in this world, it's quite clear.


Kailla Platt said...

We had a wonderful time! Visiting with you and Martyn and the animals and then lunch in the lavender field - what could be better? Those pictures of sweet Coco are beautiful, thank you for sharing them. Hope to see you soon.

Flassie's Fil'a said...

Coco is so sweet and adorable!
A beautiful lovely child! I can
see why you'd love to keep her.

Sweet Father's day gift on
Father's Day!

God Bless You and Yours!!!

Apifera Farm said...

Oh Kai, she's just delicious!

I have to visit your blog - between you and Martyn, you are much more advanced in garden/flower lore, so I will check in periodically.

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