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Sunday, August 16, 2009

And another Pie Day is over...

I posted pictures of Hospice Celebration day over at Donkey Dreams. It was a perfect, wonderful day of pie and converstaion with wonderful, caring individuals who spend their working days helping fellow human beings make the great transition we must all take at one time or another. We were honored to have them at our farm.

And the One Eyed Pug did the clean up.


Susan Moorhead said...

Pie Day? I love pie - what an amazing idea. I see a pie day in my future :)

Paula In Pinetop said...

I was so focused on pie day being in the spring that I totally missed the August event. I'm still working on my Pino apron idea. So far I'm not pleased, but soon my love !!!!! My friend Annette made me a great stencil so we'll see how that works on the apron.

Great pictures. I'd love to come to this event some day.

I've spent much time and energy chatting up your event to co-workers at the office, at first they give me the "this is strange" look and by the end of the conversation they are agreeing, that you have a great event. And best of all, they are smiling.

Big hug to everyone.

Katherine Dunn/Apifera Farm said...

It was rewarding. I can't wait to start percolating next year's 'chosen' cause to share pie with.

Paula- no rush. Great ideas take a great deal of time.Some people have no imagination, I mean , one must not overthink my concept of sharing pie and donkeys...oh well.

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