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Monday, August 24, 2009

Teeny weenie deedle donkey arrives at Apifera

One of the great things about having a donkey so many know and love, is when they see a donkey of any kind, they think of Pino, and sometimes they are propelled forward to send little sweet nothings through the mail.

Actually, this isn't a sweet nothing, it's a sweet something, and hand made by one of our readers/fans/animal supporters - Diana Alexander, otherwise known as Deedle Dumpling. Pino prefers to call her Deedle because it makes his lips twitch and tickle when he says it.

Thank yo, Deedle. You make us smile too.


jeannette said...

How sweet! thanks for sharing!

deedledumpling said...

Oh thanks you sweetie!! How does Pino look in it??? Just saw this. Having some Swine flu down here this week. Oink!!

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