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Sunday, August 02, 2009

Helping a Bug

I was able to sponsor Bug, who is one of the Final Refuge Dogs at Old Dog Haven. It is so hard to choose one dog to help, and my small donation helps, but it's pittance I know. Sometimes I feel so...anxious...that there are so many animals in need. I find myself searching the shelters for others to help and I get overwhelmed.

When this happens, I pull back, and I remember that my art helps animals in many ways, through invisible channels. I remember to stay grounded in my art, that it is a gift I've been given, a gift to be shared, but also a gift to hone and be responsible about.And that art includes painting, dolls, movies, writing, stories...monkey cages.

I still want to take on another senior dog in need. Billy is 10+ with his own issues, and he is a real lap dog, and I feel I have to play that one out before bringing in another. I've been watching the Pacific Pug Rescue and am thinking about helping them somehow. They have an old senior in need of a home right now, but the economy makes it difficult to commit. Pugs can have real eyes, I know, I've paid for them with Billy. But then I see some people with 3, 4, 5, 10 rescues, and I taunt myself.

I want to spend one on one one with my animals, and that's hard enough, so I always come back to staying focused, and realistic. That's what is best for me, and therefore best for the farm.

I've found some neat sanctuaries in my research, and will share them later.


Kathy said...

It takes a special kind of person it take in a pet like that. You never know what will come up with health issues and unknown personality traits. But I am sure the rewards far outweigh the drawbacks. Thank you for being such a giving and loving person Kathryn.

Apifera Farm said...

Thanks, Kathy. You're right. I wish I could do more and take more in. I guess I could, but it would be a choice that would effect my art and my other animals. Boundaries.

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