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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Help a donkey rest in peace

NOTE: If you have trouble opening the link here, I pasted the entire post, with email addres where you can help, in the comment section.

The absolute horrific case of animal cruelty in Spain had me writing a letter, and you can do if it moves you.

A donkey was tortured by teens, then had a broom shoved up it's anus, tortured more, caused massive internal bleeding, and died.

The local courts are saying these teens [whose parents are saying how terribly sorry they are...um, yes, now that the media is involved and found them out...]should not be tried for animal cruelty, since the donkey officially died of a'heart attack."

The people over at one of the donkey sanctuaries in Spain that we like to promote, are encouraging people from all over the world d to write a letter to the judge, to ask that these teens be tried for cruelty to animals.

this link will share the story and details, and give you the email [we wrote in English, but they have a letter in Spanish which you can cut and paste].

It won't take more than a minute. Please share this with all your friends.


Mrs. Sew and Sew - Karen said...

Katherine, The link takes me to a facebook page..then I need to sign in to get the article. Could you fix it another way so we can all view it even if we don't have facebook? Thank you my caring friend, Karen

Apifera Farm said...

03 November 2009, 2.30pm News release issued by El Refugio Del Burrito’s Press Office

A donkey has been brutally murdered by teenagers in the village of Torreorgaz in the Spanish region of Extremadura. The news has shocked a Spanish charity which now plans to take full legal action against the culprits.

El Refugio del Burrito, based in Fuente de Piedra is a Spanish registered charity, and part of the UK-based Donkey Sanctuary, dedicated to the care and protection of donkeys and mules.

Staff at the refuge were devastated to hear how a young female donkey died in the early hours of Saturday 31st October after being repeatedly kicked, and more disturbingly for having objects inserted into its bodily orifices causing great internal damage, which then led to a fatal heart attack.

Ivan Salvia, General Manager at El Refugio Del Burrito says: “This cruel act is incomprehensible and we hope to find justice for the poor donkey concerned. The owner is just as devastated as we are.”

El Refugio del Burrito now plans to lodge an official denouncement to the local government of Extremadura to start the legal proceedings. The charity also hopes to gather support from the general public to campaign for animal protection laws to be fully enforced in future.

To support El Refugio del Burrito in their Justice for Donkey campaign, please visit www.elrefugiodelburrito.com or Facebook

Mrs. Sew and Sew - Karen said...

Thank you for making it available to all to read. This is a heart breaking tragedy. Thanks again, Karen

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