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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Me and Oz

Thoroughly enjoying working on my self propelled series of OZ. Intend to do portraits of the characters, then scenes. There are so many inspirations from my favorite story of all time, and movie.

When I was little, the 1939 classic movie was shown on TV every March, and it was a "Special Presentation" with limited interruptions. My mother would make a special meal, which then included restuffed potatoes, and let us eat in front of the TV. Each year, when that movie came in March, it was revered in my household.

That was 1960 era. I haven't watched it for years and when it does show up on cable, Martyn will mention it's on.

"Don't you want to watch it?"

"It's not March, it's just not right." I say.


martha said...

beautiul pictures.

Editor52 said...

The film will be on sometime this month ... I think it's Nov. 29 on TNT. It's also now available on DVD and Blu-Ray ... so even if you're a 52-year-old woman, you can scare yourself silly, again, with the flying monkeys. Your pictures, btw, are wonderful. I personally am obsessed with "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" and have like 25 versions of it on my iPod.

Teresa said...

Katherine...Have you seen "Wicked?" If not...you must! We saw it in London and it was out of this world fabulous!
Love your paintings!

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