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Sunday, November 08, 2009

Twitterpated tweets

Those that follow this blog know the uproar in the barnyard when it was discovered that Pino was tweeting. At the time, we felt that as long as our tweets were of service, it was a good thing, and a viable way to communicate to more people. We tweeted sales that would help animals, sales that helped sell art that in turn might help me help animals, things of that nature.

I've spent some time looking at other people's tweets, and much of it bores me. But I've looked at some writers I like and it dawned on me this a wonderful way to get my words out in front of people. And it is a good exercise for me, to hone words into 140 characters but still say something that has an essence.

So you might try following our tweets. Here is one I wrote today.

Cat sits on the bench from which he sees a garden where worms decompose so he can hide in grasses.

Follow our tweets at @apifera_farm.


Editor52 said...

Disciplining yourself to 140 characters is a wonderful exercise for a writer. I think it was Annie Lamott, in "Bird by Bird," who recommended that each day you write enough to fill a small picture frame. With 140 characters, your tweets will sound a lot like haiku (also a wonderful writing discipline).

Katherine Dunn/Apifera Farm said...

Yes, yes, yes and since you sent me that book as a gift I should know. But I really am liking the challenge.

Sharon Stanley said...

...and how often does one get to read about decomposing worms?! I do "Haikuesday" each week and thats fun too....

C.M. Mayo said...

Glad to be following you @apifera_farm! PS "Twitter Is," My article on literary tweeting in the literary journal "Literal" is now on-line here:

Blog on!

Katherine Dunn/Apifera Farm said...

Thanks, Sharon!

And thanks, Madame Mayo! I will definatly check that out. I find Twitter quite interesting now, but am still learning.

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