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Sunday, November 01, 2009

Pino's Movies: Update

I decided to make the existing 3 Pino Puppet Movies free to the public for now. You can view them online at our Apifera Farm movie channel.

People know and love Pino the donkey, and Pino the muse of Donkey Diaries and more. But I realized that people need to 'get to know' this charming little fellow as a movie man. So go watch his 2 minute movies. They bring me and Martyn great joy, and I decided the main reason I do the puppets is to have fun, and share. And now you can share them too.

I will still do Private Pino e-movies on request. Have a birthday wish or other message to send a friend, $25 will get a private Pino 2 minute greeting.I also hope I can use them in our Donkey Dream venture, to send cheer to sick kids or seniors.

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