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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Upon thy neck shall I gaze

There is no more beautiful neck than the old goose's, unless perhaps Grace Kelly stood beside her, but knowing the little I do about Grace I think she would humbly agree with me.

Such a marvelous road way for her food to travel through - Perhaps the worms understand this somehow as they slide to her gullet. I watch her twist and conform this neck under gates, or twist and turn it to communicate pending danger to the Bottomtums.

I had never held a goose or stroked one's throat until I came to know old Priscilla. I am glad our introduction happened.

{ Priscilla came to Apifera after a woman's husband died of cancer, leaving her no choice but to sell her farm. She asked our mutual vet to help find a forever home, and he contacted me. Priscilla was the matriarch of a herd of 6 ducks, known here as The Bottomtums, and they too live in the Barnyard of Misfits with their own lakeside cabin.}

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